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Hi! I am Jenny.


I  am a neuroradiologist by training, but this blog is for everyone who is excited about medical imaging technology, innovations, and the upcoming revolution in the healthcare industry. By nature of my profession, I enjoy digging to the bottom of things and asking the hard questions, even if that means I would have to review college calculus, build stuff on my own, or picking up a book or two on programming. There is ALWAYS the next question to ask.

Yes, I have every intention to make this blog provocative if I can, but most importantly, I want this blog to inspire, encourage, and challenge existing dogma (‘cuz they ain’t working).

Currently, my writing/publication will focus on the following subjects within the realm of healthcare:

  • Digital marketing
  • 3D printing
  • Big data/Analytics
  • Mobile solutions
  • Machine learning/artificial intelligence
  • Telemedicine

Of course, I reserve the right to change my focus and will write whatever I want to (for example, some radiology practice reflections). I certainly hope you will get something out of the blog, if not a good laugn.


I also tweet on a daily basis on these subjects @radbuzzz.


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