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It’s that time of the month: weekend call.

I have just finished reading about 150 cases today, which probably translates into direct care of about 100-120 patients.

Would these patients be upset or confused with my reports? As I have discussed in my recent post, traditional radiology reporting language is very technical and hard to digest for a patient. However, I am very much inspired by recent poll results on the majority of the readers favored the more personal radiology reporting style than the cut and dry style (See figure below). One reader also suggested that including radiologist’s email address in the report might be helpful in the process of care.  Because reinventing patient-friendly radiology terminology is no over-night task, I decided to experiment with embedding my email address in my reports first. So far, 250 reports now carry my email address and counting. I will certainly update you about this new experience very shortly. Meanwhile, please feel free to participate in the poll if you have not gotten a chance.










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