App Review: Radiology ToolBox




Category:  Workflow

Subcategory: Reference, tools

Initial rating: 4/5 (Poll)

Cost: $3.99

Developer: Softcode Systems, Inc.

Platform: iPhone, iPad.

Comments: The app really reminds me of an 8 x 11″ cheat sheet that my chief resident handed me before my first night call as a first year radiology resident. Although it is not as thorough,  this app really fulfills the need for a quick reference for all levels of medical imaging interpreters for all specialties.  Additionally, it also included handy calculators and quick anatomy references.

Pros: Simplicity, practical, smooth and interactive user interface, good relevant anatomy

Cons: Although the app attempts to cover the most used references and tools, it definitely has room to improve. For example, none of the trauma grading systems is included. However, the developers very wisely included a “Suggestion” section on every page. I look forward to the next version.

Also, no Android version.

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